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Las Vegas Meeting 2021 Updates

Western-Central Regional Meeting Las Vegas – Late Breaking News

The NSRMCA is continuing to plan for our meeting in Las Vegas next week and would like to keep all those who plan to attend the meeting informed.  The Hotel contacted us this morning and let us know that restrictions at the hotel have been tightened, which will affect the in-person attendance.    In short, we will need to restrict the number of people on the 2nd floor conference center to 50 persons.  This is different than the 50 persons per room that were allowed previously. 

If you were planning to attend in person, we welcome you to come, but we do ask that you are patient and work with us and the hotel staff to follow the rules.  Your safety is still our number one objective.  Here is what we expect:

  1. Vendors may have their booths set up but may need to refrain from manning the booth while meetings are going on so that we can maximize member attendance to the meetings
  2. The hotel staff will be counting persons on the floor and may tell you the floor is full, your options will be to attend the meeting virtually at on your laptop or on your mobile device would also ask each company to limit attendance to the live event to one person, while others attend virtually.
  3. We have several events schedules so please work with us to stagger who goes in person and who attends virtually.
  4. If you choose to attend virtually rather than in person, you will be refunded your registration fee.

We hope to have a very successful event, but we know it is going to be a little more difficult than in the past.  Thank you for your support and expected cooperation. Please reach out to Bobbye Jo Green in the Western Region if you have any questions or need more information:, (916) 504-4773.


John Sheehy